Rasage – Save the children (Music Track) – (Music Video)

Save the children
Music Track Description:
Hi my name is reginald lane my stage name is Rasage (pronounced Ra -S-AGE)this track is the lead single from my record i wrote and recorded titled Rasage Forever My Love which is a family friendly record which has songs gears towards mainly children. I recorded over 100 + songs for the record which have meaningful songs and messages this song was written and recorded as a call and response track which i personally am tired of seeing kids dying by AIDS and hunger while they continuously keep being ignored by the world we rather worry bout how much money we have what kind of clothes we have rather then give the children and people who have nothing the attention they deserve in our world when will the negligence stop when ..it’ll never stop if we keep being selfish lets open up our hearts and give to the less fortunate ..or the next child s death may be our own family s kids and our bright future will only get dimmer we as a world can make a change starting with these children.
Artist Rasage
this short film shows clips of Children dying by diseases and AIDS STD s hunger among other things this version is the alternative lead single for Rasage Save the Children the album promo single is Rasage Save the Children (Rock version) 2 versions were made of the the song save the children.
This Track and No Child should be left alone are the stand critical important tracks off the album that are missing topics of today’s music.
Children are being forgotten and left to suffer and die children being beaten because they are different,many children are left in hot heat over 100 degrees to die and its those kind of things i hate the most i went through abuse and negligence too as a child i was beaten up by classmates and teachers because i wasn’t like the other children in school i was taken advantage of because i was kindhearted.
When i see those things like children being shot,murdered,burned alive,dying from cancer,sickle cell all those other issues it makes me worry of our future on earth.
My best friend and little sister Brooke crumbling died from a blood clot in her heart she was my inspiration for the album being put together and this video brooke was only 13 yrs old and she believed in me my music is telling my life and about this world today.
Rasage Forever My Love covers abuse sexual,physical,mental as well as domestic abuse towards women,children s welfare,economic problems self improvements within ourselves,love and relationships,religion and etc. its a different album then you normally hear out there .
This is the Album Rasage Forever my Love ‘s first short film

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