“Keep Going On” is the Rock Debut of Frank Prese: the Single Singing a Hymn to Freedom

“Keep Going On” is the debut single of the Italian guitarist Frank Prese, available on all the main streaming and download platforms since the 5th of august 2022.

The song, featuring a fresh and energetic blues-rock sound, launches the artist in the music scene through a cry for freedom, with which the guitarist wants to celebrate the victory of the combative spirit over the adversities of life and the will of getting involved unconcerned about fate.

Entirely self-produced, the single comes from some home-made demos recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown and it entered the recording studio last spring, featuring some Tuscany-based session men, Stefano Vannucci on drums, Lorenzo Forti on bass guitars.

“After 5 years spent playing with different people, I suddenly wound up alone, without a band,  stuck in the lockdown, with nothing in my hands but my guitar, an empty notebook and a head full of thoughts. The notes began to flow naturally, without even realizing it… ”
“…My friends’ and family’s love and support have been crucial to me during this period, I’m so grateful to everyone.”

“Keep Going On”, written and self-produced by Frank Prese, has been recorded and mixed at Blue Dot Studios in Arezzo, Tuscany.

Spotify Link: HERE

YouTube: HERE

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