KTC KADRAE – Thibeaux – Cisneros

KTC (KADRAE, Thibeaux, Cisneros) is a trio of solo artists joined together to create a sound like no other. Comprised of KADRAE, Michele Thibeaux, and Denis Cisneros (of Neon Collars and Bayuco Social), this trio combine musical influences of Prince, Nina Simone, Erykah Badu, John Mayer, Carlos Santana, and many others into one big musical force that will surely capture the attention of many generations.
As the idea of KADRAE expanding his musical universe, he decided join forces with both Michele Thibeaux and Denis Cisneros. Having already performed together as KADRAE & the Southern New Sound System at various venues as well as collaborated in other live incarnations, these three individuals joined forces to record the single “Dancin’ N2 the Sun”. The song is already receiving rave review from listeners which may determine what may become of this trio in the future.
With a variety of influences among each member as well as their own experiences, KTC (KADRAE, Thibeaux, Cisneros) have already generated various followings as solo artists. KADRAE, now in a much more creative move after the release of his debut album “ECLECTICISM: THE JOURNEY, PART ONE”, has not only lead the Southern N.S.S., but, also has joined other bands on guitar as well as lent his axe-wielding skills on other projects as well. This has, indeed, introduced him to other forms of music and playing as well. Those who have witnessed him live praises his showmanship and continued growth as a musician. Michele Thibeaux has also generated quite a following as well. With the release of her debut album “THE HEY DJ EXPERIENCE” as well as lending her vocal talents to many other projects, her touch has undeniably taken recordings from just good to amazing and remarkable. Her live shows are nothing short of spectacular as evidence of the audience participation and head-bobbin’. Denis Cisneros is what many have considered legendary. His genius is felt with every live performance and recording he’s made. As a member of Neon Collars and Bayuco Social, he’s proven himself to be not just an A-list musician (most notably on guitar), but, also an A-list artist. The cover-art for “Dancin’ N2 the Sun” was taken from his own collection of original art. His live performances have left audiences mesmerized.
KTC (KADRAE, Thibeaux, Cisneros) will continue to perform as various incarnations in an effort to not only promote their own individual projects, but, also show the force they are together as well. “Dancin’ N2 the Sun” is just the beginning.

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