Vultures – Evan Vicic (Viola Hip-Hop Beat with Classical Flair)

Music Submission Title: Vultures

Artist Name: Evan Vicic

What differentiates this track from other producers is that I played all of the viola parts myself, and no samples were used!

Vultures is a hip-hop beat with classical flair.

About the Artist:

I am an orchestral viola player who makes music on the side, from hip-hop beats to ambient and electronic music. Being classically trained gives me unique ideas to how I handle production and the soundscape, and my music reflects a wide scope of genres and sonic palettes. Another different feature to my music is that if you hear strings, they aren’t sampled – it’s me playing.

Here is a link to my Soundcloud page:

Vultures, Low Dream, and Walking with Elephants are good places to start.

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