Reek da Villian

Tariek Williams (Roosevelt, Long Island, New York, United States), better known as Reek, is an American rapper, protégé of rap veteran Busta Rhymes and former member of the rap group Flipmode Squad. Reek is currently signed to Busta Rhymes’ new label Conglomerate Records.

Tariek Williams was born the April 24, 1984 in Roosevelt, Long Island, New York. He was the third born of four siblings. As a kid he found his pleasure in music, dancing and sports. Williams started rapping at 7 years old after watching and listening to his older cousins. His father died while he was incarcerated when Williams was only 9 years old. While growing up, he idolized his older brother and cousins. That’s where he first encountered rapping. Williams first started recording music at 15 years of age in his cousin’s studio in Freeport, New York.

His first song ever recorded was called “Bodies On The Tongue” where he talks about verbally murdering MC’s. After proving his skills to his older cousin Ike T & Belly Val (of I.G.T.) who had a record deal under Steve Rifkind’s Loud Records in 1999, they chose to make Reek an understudy of the group. Williams stated; I Remember being in I.G.T.’s first studio session at the legendary Chung King Studio In Manhattan, New York. I freestyled for A&R’s Scott Free, Matty C, and Shawn C currently of Grind Music Productions. After rapping for them for hours, they all fell in love with my flow and spoke of signing me. Due to bad management, nothing ever went through. In 2002, Williams founded C.O.E. (Cash Out Entertainment) with Brian Gilmore and Ike T.

He got back in the studio. He recorded for the next two years until he ran into his big break in 2006, where he met rapper Busta Rhymes at a mixtape/clothing store called Central Station in Uniondale, New York (Now Baldwin, New York). Williams explained: I had just came back from Jamaica Ave and I stopped at Central Station to get a T-shirt. I seen Belly Val of I.G.T. talking to Busta and he called me over to rap for him. After rhyming for 5 Minutes straight, Busta stop me from rhyming and asked for my number. Two days later he called me and told me that I was Flipmode if anybody asked me, and it been on ever since. Reek continued to release a series of mixtapes, but his first big look was on the official remix of Busta Rhymes’ “Don’t Touch Me (Throw da Water on ’em)”.

Soon after he appeared on BET’s Rap City with The Game, Busta Rhymes, Tre Beatz and DJ Sratchator. Then a week later, he made an appearance on 106 & Park to perform with Flipmode Squad. Williams affirmed: Coming out to perform in front of all those fans, and to have the ladies react the way they did was overwhelming. Furthermore, it put a stamp on my stardom and showed just how far I’ve come. Now my dreams are reality so look forward to hearing a whole lot of Reek da Villian in the near future. Williams left Flipmode in February 2009, because of business reasons. In late 2010, Williams (Reek da Villian) once again reappeared back on the Hip hop scene. Collaborating with Busta Rhymes and Swizz Beats for the Song/Music Video titled: Mechanics produced by Royal 3 Music.

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