Gilbert Green (November 28, 1986) better know by his stage name BARRELZ DA BEAST. Born and raised in a single parent household, the oldest of 3 children in Philadelphia “Uptown”, PA. Growing up in a single parent household wasn’t always easy but one could say that considering some of the trials he experienced as a child he was still a “good” kid. However things changed as he grew into young adulthood, although he was always a major fan of hip hop, always wanted to be an entertainer, and had a love and a passion for music his love and attraction to the “street” life was far greater.
The love of the “streets” outweighed his love of music and as a result he served 5 years in state prison for drugs and weapons. It was during that time that he decided he needed to make a better way for himself and his family, because his family was and has always been his top priority. While in prison, he created a plan, steps he would take upon his release so that he could become a “productive” citizen in society, so that he could put those 5 years behind him and never look back.
It was during that time that his first love, the love of music started to resurface, he began writing rhymes daily, and he would breathe, sleep, and eat music. Upon his release from prison, the first thing he did was get a full time job because he knew he would need money to fund his music career, not just money but legal money.
His goal always was and still is to make it as a well known artist; he is inspired by his mother, who he watched struggle to take care of three children on her own and he knows that nothing comes without hard work. When he is not at work, he is in the studio, when he is not in the studio, he is somewhere performing. He is motivated by artists such as Jay Z, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, Eminmen, Fabulous, and Jadakiss to name a few. He has performed in New Jersey, New York Virginia, Chicago, North Carolina, and of course, Philadelphia. He has opened for Young Money and Jadakiss; he has won numerous contests, and was nominated for the 2011 Philly Hip Hop Award.
He currently has a mix tape Last Man Standing Volume 1 hosted by Ace Mc Clowd with featured singles Live by the Trap featuring Quilly Millz and has a radio smash hit Get Down featuring Curtis Star.
Just in case you are wondering where he came up with his stage name BARRELZ DA BEAST, it was given to him by others because he spits so hard!!!!!
BARRELZ DA BEAST’S journey to become a household name is still in motion, he strives to be the best in all that he does, and he won’t stop until he has reached the top!!

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