Yulia Ehwaz releases her debut single “Ghost Town”

Yulia Ehwaz releases her debut single «Ghost Town»
26 years old musician from Minsk, Belarus, Yulia Ehwaz, releases her debut song «Ghost Town» on January 21st. 
«Ghost Town» is a synthwave song with melodic pop vocals, dark synths and bright drums. The song tells us about a city full of people but nobody cares about each other’s lives and problems, so people live like lonely ghosts in there. Yulia tries to bring up an important topic of empathy and concern for each other

Yulia Ehwaz is also known as Ehwaz (her experimental project) is a musician from the capital of Belarus, Minsk. Her first steps in music were in childhood when at the age of 6 she started to play violin and sing in a school choir. Yulia says that the most important thing in music are uniqueness of a sound and catchy melody, so she always adds something experimental to her songs and melodies.

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