Who is Rae Boujea? – Press Release

Who is Rae Boujea?

MMZAug. 7, 2015 –  Rae Boujea born and raised in New York, NY….. At the early age of 9 she was placed in a group home and released at the age of 15 back out into the streets with no parental guidance. Rae did what she had to do to survive. A rocky relationship with her mother and never having met her father Rae found love by giving birth to her first child at an early age. We all know the struggles of a single mother with limited job skills and no man to help raise a child…. resulting in welfare to help feed her child and when times got hard and she was faced with the threat of being homeless, kicked out into the streets she made the decision to rise above her circumstance to keep her and her child from being without. Rae had to survive; she’s a fighter a strong willed person who believes in her faith in God….
Rae said if it wasn’t for God’s blessings that allowed her to meet a group of Bankers who took her under their wing and trained her to work on Wall Street in the stock market, she don’t know how her life would have turned out. She became an Underwriter for Investment Banking Institutions, transforming her life from a Rag to Riches story. Wall Street opened her eyes to the finer things in life such as designer clothes, expensive cars and lush pads. It ultimately gave her the drive and determination to want more and make no mistakes…. She got it! From the house on the water, to the hard top convertible and the Hermes Birkin bag. She’s a Boss Chic in her own right.
Her love for Hip Hop music since the Group Home days has everyone amazed with her raw energy and flow. The true life experience of being a young girl growing up with the whole world against you is channeled thru the lyrics of her songs. Rae represents the Power girl chic that’s in every woman waiting to break out. Rae has been busy in the studio working on her album with producer’s Rockwilder, D-Moet, The Heatmakerz, Ron Browz, and Farouk Jones to name a few. Her lyrics and her bands raw energy of live music over Hip Hop beats makes “Rae Dae” the passion, the life, the music, the movement!
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