Jakk Jo – Black Da Vinci (Music Video) Hip-Hop

Jakk Jo – Black Da Vinci

Music Video Description:
He is showing and talking about how all Americans are affected by police brutality.
Artist Name: Jakk Jo
Single: Black Da Vinci
Short Bio: Jakk Jo was surrounded by Hip-Hop at an early age since his mother was the leading lady of the Hip-Hop label, “No Limit”. You would think that he would have an upward path to stardom, but she knew that the music industry was just as ruthless as the streets. However, despite her wishes, he continued perfecting his craft throughout the years. Now his talent has become undeniable in such songs as “Black Da Vinci” and “Alone” just to name a few. This should be an exciting year for this young talent who has seen the streets and industry destroy people’s lives.

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