RoGizz Black Blago

Innovative, Exciting, Conceptual, Lyrical, Humorous, Motivational!! These are a few of the words that can be used to describe RoGizz, the artist and musician. After turning his love for poetry into hip hop music, RoGizz signed a record deal with Dreamworks. After moving to Los Angeles and witnessing many of the label’s resources being diverted to other areas, he decided to gain a release and put out his own music independently through his self promoted company Gizz Entertainment.
RoGizz first project was called Worldwide Domination Volume I. It was a compilation disk featuring other Chicago independent artists where he utilized his skill at connecting people and providing strength in numbers. Through a mutual friend, GIZZ also met his rap partner Pask-1. They formed a group called “Worldfame” and released a mixtape called “Cut the Games: Chi to L.A.” to much critical acclaim. After that, RoGizz moved back to Chicago and went on to collaborate more with some of the most accomplished producers in the game: S.C., Streety Wonder, Paperboy, Tony Baines, Matt Hennessy, 110% Pure, Boogz, Sherm, Austin “Smooth” Nelson and Ekim Pahkwah. Currently, RoGizz resides in Miami and has released two more volumes of his Worldwide Domination series where he collaborated with artists from all over the country. The recordings famously took place over a Memorial Day weekend in Downtown Miami with all day and night studio sessions. These albums were titled Worldwide Domination II: The L.U.A.U and Worldwide Domination III: The Union.
At one point, RoGizz sought to diversify his entertainment portfolio by stepping back from his own music to do management deals for other artists, mentor up and coming artists, establish a clothing line and pursue different philanthropic opportunities. His love for creating timeless music though has brought him back to the mic with his new project titled “RoGizz vs. Black Blago.” In his own words, Rogizz stated: “This is one of my best works to date. I think it’s very layered because of the elements it involves. I think people can definitely relate to the battle one may have between the good and evil inside us. It can be sparked by what we experience in our daily lives. Politics have a lot to do with the creation of our daily lives. Thats what I wanted to convey with this work.” Poet, Artist, Producer, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Social and Political Activist, Rogizz all these…

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