Raised in Youngstown, OH in a Baptist family, it was KeilyN’s mother who worked to ensure he was being influenced by the right messages. While she ruled out the explicit nature of hip-hop music, KeilyN quickly found his way to his older cousins’ CD collections. Although, God remains a strong influence in his life, so do the MCs rediscovered in those collections such as Outkast, Eminem and Jay-Z.
After relocating to Columbus, OH, KeilyN began to live the motto: late nights, early mornings. The passionate fan decided it was time to focus on the development of his own music. Writing down lyrics daily the once exciting fan was transitioning into becoming a passionate artist.
Since then KeilyN’s been evolving, releasing well received music throughout the years. In 2014, KeilyN plans to release What I Found which he considers to be a descriptive prelude to his “story.”
With KeilyN and his mission statement Dope Never Dies gaining attention, he looks to continue making music with the same values and authenticity that fans and peers love and respect him for.

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