Moonetz arises from the artistic desire of three friends to become part of the Colombian

and international musical scenario. The project was founded in Bogota in 2012, with the

intention of recording a debut album that contained a mixture of sounds, including rock

and electronic music.


With the musical composition of Sebastian Gonzalez, the musical production of Felipe

Valencia and the executive and art direction of Juan Pablo Uribe, the project begins,

supported by their extensive experience in music. A few months later Luna Baxter, who

not only complemented the album with the particular sound of her voice, with the co-

creation of melodies and lyrics and her many artistic qualities in performing arts, becomes

part of Moonetz.


The result of this ensemble is an album named A New Direction- available for sale since

November 20th 2013. It is characterized mainly for its contrasts: harmonic and rhythmical

nuances; its positive, sincere messages and nostalgic sounds; and both Spanish and

English lyrics.


The album was fully recorded in the city of Bogota in the studio 26-40 -property of Felipe

Valencia- and later mastered in Germany by Robert Babicz, currently one of the most

influential electronic producers worldwide. It´s worth noting that the recording took over

a year of hard work, during which other than the voices, guitars, and synthesizers of

Moonetz, other percussionists and string quartets were invited to bring a more organic

character to the electronic sounds of the album.


Moonetz has as a goal to create new sounds, to create a new direction, to leave an

important mark in the national and cultural heritage and likewise transcend frontiers and

consolidate in the international market.

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